Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modcloth: Terrific Transformations Contest

My biggest transformation happened without me even knowing. I was seventeen, high all the time and mean. I gave no regard for anyone or anything. My parents didn't know what to do with me and I didn't care what I did with me. It started when my parents told me they were shipping me off to Italy for school in a week. Anyone would be made jello from happiness, but I was angrier than ever. Where would I get my weed and powder and pills? What about all the "great" friends I had? I wanted to die. I smoked an eight and woke up in London. I walked around the airport and as the soberness hit and the reality of how far I was from anyone I knew hit, I broke down and cried. I ran to the bathroom and couldn't function till I had to catch my connection to Rome. Once I got to Rome I had to find a bus to a small town, Perugia. I didn't understand anyone and I couldn't get past my headache; I finally knew what everyone meant by being out all alone in the big bad world. I finally made it and I can't say things went straight uphill from there but slowly the fog inside me cleared. Everything around me was so beautiful, the people, places, food and rightness. I learned to think of others and myself. I received a degree in teaching and moved to Paris for a month before finally coming back to America. I can't tell you what exactly changed me and I can't thank my parents more for sending me. I was torchered and now I'm free. My biggest happiness is my family and I can't believe I'm finally making them proud. I owe my parents my life and I'm sorry for how young and dumb I was. I've transformed.